Friday 13 February 2015


What will be the impact of introduction of Rasberry pi 2 and Windows 10 for pi2 ?

Raspberry pi is a product that i am in love with and this piece of pi is getting better and better with the passing time. The introduction of raspberry pi 2 has opened door for new set of things like image processing and features like face tracking are going to be much smoother. Although i am yet to receive my raspberry pi 2 and get my hands dirty but still just by watching the videos from tech community i can say that the user experience is much much better ,and the system has become much more responsive ,faster and fluid to use. In fact now it has actually become a full grown computer for more intensive users as compares to the one before. As i can see the minecraft running without lags and no frames are being missed ,The overall graphics of the desktop seems good.

But i have also heard of an issue with raspberry pi ,the other day i was reading a post on internet and a guy named alasdair allan pointed out that using a flash while capturing a picture (such that the flash light falls on pi 2) is causing the pi to reset and as a remedy this issue can be avoided by covering the chip with something opaque,as the phenomenon is due to the photosensitive nature of chip labelled as U16. i would like to test this too once i get my pi. There is also a demonstration video where he showed it.

And the other interesting thing is the announcement of windows 10 for pi 2. It seems giants like Microsoft have understood the power of open source community and opensource products. It is indeed a good move by Microsoft to stay in the changing markets. We already have a windows CE (now officially known as windows embedded compact) for embedded systems but this is not a popular product at least i just know about its name and thats it. Well the stretagists at microsoft must have understood that now is the time of embedded portable systems and if they have to stay in the market they will have to re orient and reconstruct or at least tweak their product line. I think this is what Windows 10 is aimed at.

This is in fact a great feature for pi,i think there are budding developers who are a bit reluctant to dive into linux ecosystem but are very familiar with windows and as soon as you speak of linux they seem to be gasping air, So may be such people will be able to adopt the raspberry pi in a better way so i think this will really enhance the user pool . And wait a second does introduction of windows for pi mean we will see companies like Nortan,AVG ,McAFee coming out with a antivirus for pi. Hahahahah.

Although i still think Windows is no match for linux but still i would like to use windows too because i have spent more time with it as compared to Linux.

Any ways did you register for a developer copy of windows 10 if not please visit.

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